Student writing

The Center for Writing Excellence provides writing support to the faculty, staff, and students of Southeast, as well as writers from beyond the campus. The Center has three main areas of activity.

Writing Proficiency Exams

The center oversees the administration and scoring of placement exams and outcomes assessment exams in college writing.

Writing Lab

An online and face-to-face resource to assist students at all levels to develop as writers.

Writing in the Disciplines

Support for faculty as writing instructors in their areas of expertise.

Quick Reference Guide

Tutorials for common writing problems, how-to formatting guides, and guides to both APA and MLA citation styles.

CWE Newsletter

Writing Wednesdays

  • Progress by Ha Young (Hailey) Choi

    My first choice of major at a university in South Korea was “English literature.” Can you imagine learning English literature in Korean? If you are native then you will think “What???” However, if you are international students, then you will be like “Ah, yeah.” Since students had to choose their major when they apply for […]
  • Be a Failure by Sarah Thornsberry

    Tick… tock… tick… tock. The clock hands spin rapidly, generating a vortex in which spirals desperate time. The shadowy presence of the dreaded deadline looms over your shoulder, and the phantom casts dark thoughts of doubt and anxiety—that one meme on Twitter from your favorite parody account. Your hand seizes in agony from clenching a […]
  • I CAN Do It by Bohdana Khymych

    It is tedious and monotonous… I can’t concentrate on it… It is difficult even to start… How many of you were thinking the same when you had to write something? I am sure, a lot. So, why isn’t everyone an excellent writer? Why isn’t it just a “natural” process? What is it about writing that […]
  • TRY TO GRAB MY ATTENTION by Alex Fedorchenko

    What do you think when you open a newspaper or a magazine? What is the first impression when you see a title of an article? Can you understand by the title what is it about? Will it be interesting for you or not? I’m just a beginner in teaching. I started this new semester in […]


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