College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture


  • BS Agribusiness: Agricullture Industry
  • BS Agribusiness: Animal Science
  • BS Agribusiness: Horticulture
  • BS Agribusiness: Plant & Soil Science
  • BSED Agricultural Education


  • BS Biology: Bio-medical Science
  • BS Biology: Marine Biology
  • BS Biology: Microbiology, Cellular, Molecular, Biotechnology
  • BS Biology: Organismal, Ecological, Evolutionary
  • BS Biology: Pre-Physician Assistant
  • BS Biology: Wildlife & Conservation
  • BS Geographic Information Science
  • BS Public Health: Biology

  • BS Public Health: Health Policy and Management
  • BS Public Health: Information
  • BS Public Health: Nutrition
  • BS Public Health: Social/Behavioral
  • BSED Secondary Education: Biology
  • BSED Secondary Education  Biology (Unified Science)
  • MNS Natural Science: Biology


  • BA Chemistry: Business
  • BA Chemistry: Chemistry
  • BA Chemistry: Forensic Science
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Biochemistry
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified DNA Analysis
  • BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Forensic Chemistry
  • BS Medical Laboratory Science
  • BSED Secondary Education: Chemistry
  • MNS Natural Science: Chemistry

Computer Science

  • BS Computer Information Systems
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Cybersecurity

Environmental Science

  • BS Emergency Preparedness
  • BS Environmental Science: Biology
  • BS Environmental Science: Business
  • BS Environmental Science: Chemistry
  • BS Environmental Science: Environmental Health
  • BS Environmental Science: Geoprocessing & Soils
  • BS Environmental Science: Policy & Communication
  • MS Environmental Science


  • BS Mathematics:  Actuarial Science
  • BS Mathematics:  Applied Mathematics/Statistics
  • BS Mathematics:  Pure Mathematics
  • BSED Mathematics Education
  • MNS Natural Science:  Mathematics

Physics and Engineering Physics

  • BS Engineering Physics: Computer Applications
  • BS Engineering Physics: Electrical Applications
  • BS Engineering Physics: Mechanical Applications
  • BS Physics
  • BSED Secondary Education: Physics
  • BSED Secondary Education Physics:  (Unified Science)

Polytechnic Studies

  • AAS Computer Technology: Automated Manufacturing
  • AAS Computer Technology: Microcomputer Systems
  • AAS Computer Technology: Technical Computer Graphics
  • BS Commercial Multimedia: Commercial Photography
  • BS Commercial Multimedia: Computer and Multimedia Graphics
  • BS Cyber-security
  • BS Engineering Technology: Electrical & Control
  • BS Engineering Technology: Mechanical & Manufacturing Systems
  • BS Industrial Distribution
  • BS Technology Management: Construction Management & Design
  • BS Technology Management: Facilities Management & Sustainability
  • BS Technology Management: Industrial & Safety Management
  • BS Technology Management: Sustainable Energy Systems Management
  • BS Technology Management: Technology Management
  • BS Technology Management: Telecommunications & Computer Networking
  • BS Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • BSED Technology and Engineering Education
  • Certificate: Healthcare Facilities Operations
  • MS Technology Management: 3D Animation and Gaming
  • MS Technology Management: Customized
  • MS Technology Management: Cybersecurity
  • MS Technology Management: Facilities Management
  • MS Technology Management: Industrial Education/Training & Development
  • MS Technology Management: Manufacturing Systems
  • MS Technology Management: Telecommunications Systems
  • MS Technology Management: Workplace Environment & Health Safety
  • Graduate Certificate: Facilities Management

Science Education

  • MNS Natural Science: STEM Education


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701